“Nevillize” your own healing

When David Garfinkel coined the word “Nevillizing”, which was widely explained in Joe Vitale´s book The Attractor Factor, he thought mainly on the mental process of thinking himself into a wished situation, mainly of economic background. Neville Goddard, a famous mystical writer had promoted his method to use the “imaginal” mind, add feeling, and create results.
Joe Vitale warmly recommends this “Nevillizing” for the achievement of your goals. It is not just enough to make affirmations for your goals, you have to anticipate the final situation in your mind, in your imagination, with all the emotions and feelings you could have in the real case of achievement of your goals. This will unleash the preparedness and openness to receive what you wished. It will dissolve your blockades in you subconscious that often hinder you doing things, accepting situations, and receive what you consciously wanted but subconsciously rejected.
But why to apply this “Nevillizing” only with economic goals, why not applying it the same way for general wellbeing, for health? When we fall ill we also have wishes, we want to recover, we want to live a normal life. So how to apply Nevillizing to help us to get there? Let’s do the exercise:
Imagine yourself (with closed eyes) vigorous and healthy, among your friends or beloved family members, enjoying this beautiful time all together, without preoccupations, just enjoying life. As you are in this healthy situation your are in the mood to plan a trip to the beach, or may be to the mountains. The breeze is rumpling your hair and nothing is holding you back to take a long walk and enjoy the sunset. You feel, you see your strength and you feel profoundly happy. Let those feelings and emotions fill and consume you. Keep on imagining the consequences of this beautiful situation: you will come back home and to work with all your strengths recovered, filled with power and enthusiasm for new projects. This will bring you appreciation by your colleagues and prosperity for your private life. What else could you wish? And until when do you expect this? (Put up some real date!)
Now that you have “lived” this situation and those feelings inside you, release them and give it to the Divine (God, Universe, whatever your credence) to fulfil it. Be confident! It will come.
The more you could fill this “journey” with emotions and feelings, the more it is likely to come. This is the basic secret behind “Nevillizing”. I warmly recommend you to read the above mentioned book of Joe Vitale to get further ideas with this method.

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